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[UPD] Pmbok 5th Edition Arabic.pdf

Pmbok 5th Edition Arabic.pdf

Pmbok 5th Edition Arabic.pdf

The Book that Crips and Bloods Sold on The Streets of Harlem. English | 2018-05-25 06:55:21. How to Download Pmbok 5th Edition Arabic PDF from eBookHunter. Pmbok 5th Edition Arabic: Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) Fifth Edition Project ManagementQ: Improve code to sum all values in array using Swift Is there a way to improve the code below, especially the reduce lines? func sumAllValues(valueArray:[Int]) -> Int { var sum:Int = 0 for a in valueArray { sum += a } return sum } I'm wondering how I can make it shorter? A: The first thing that you could do to improve your code would be to use a for loop instead of the for-in loop that you're currently using. The for-in loop is slower, and more importantly, will give you inconsistent results. For example, the following is perfectly valid: let values = [0, 1, 2, 3] print(values[0]) // prints 0 print(values[2]) // prints 3 Using a for loop would ensure that you get consistent results. The second thing that you can do to improve the speed of your code would be to use reduce(into:). reduce(into:) will be faster because it doesn't require you to iterate through every element of the array. The following is what your function could look like with reduce(into:): func sumAllValues(valueArray:[Int]) -> Int { return valueArray.reduce(Int(0)) { total, value in return total + Int(value) } } I've also updated your code to be more readable and succinct. 13 мая в Минобороны России произошел инцидент, после которого последствия были страшными. Адм

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[UPD] Pmbok 5th Edition Arabic.pdf

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