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Living the Dream

   After returning from Iraq with the US Marine Corps I was diagnosed with PTSD. I was immediately placed on a variety of antidepressants until I found my "therapeutic level." I personally did not like the way any of the medications made me feel. I constantly felt like a zombie, like the walking dead. My symptoms of PTSD actually became worse as a result of the medication. My natural instinct of hypervigilance was magnified as my mind tried to combat the medication.  After five years of taking prescribed medication with little benefit, I took myself off the medication and tried to manage the symptoms on my own.  These years were very difficult and trying for myself and my family. I was not myself and I was not happy. I stumbled across CBD on a family vacation.  I am now enjoying life for the first time ever since returning from Iraq. I trust these products and want to help make them available to those that need them and also those that want to use a more natural form of healing.  

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